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Keep your distance, please!

Keep your distance, please!

Keep your distance, please! Wear your mask! … the voice of the sailor on the boat trip to the island, sparked many thoughts. I look around. Large masks, small masks, ear hanging masks, masks that decorate chins, masks and people… people with masks. Are masks hiding the sweetest smiles and even the most funny grimaces, creating a social disconnect that is contrary to our human nature? Is this preventive measure killing more than the disease?

How will all this isolation affect our mood? And while the distance can protect us physically from the coronavirus, is social distancing, isolating us emotionally?

Should we forget about hugs and physical affection, that reassures and calms us? Psychologists say that when we are isolated from each other, we feel anxiety and threat. Seeing everyone around me wearing masks, including myself, I almost feel frightened. At this point the conspiracy theories kick in, instead of the most apparent. What we’re living right now is not real, some have set out to kill us, vaccinate in order to manipulate us, make us feel depressed and much more…

Yes! A dangerous virus is going around, some people carry it and don’t know it, the so-called asymptomatic, some get sick, while others pass it decimating everyone around them, especially when they believe in the conspiracy theories they imagine.

Well my friends, we are fine with our friendships on social media, messaging each other and exchanging ideas and support.

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Be patient! It will pass. We overcame ten years of economic crisis and we all endured. Don’t forget that we are Greeks, a society that responds well to change, evolves and doesn’t get lost from the depths of the centuries.

After all, Darwin said: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”.

Who can challenge him?

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