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Mykonos – “The island where your every wish comes true”

Mykonos – “The island where your every wish comes true”

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Brilliant and cosmopolitan, it attracts VIPs from all over the world like a magnet from 1960 until today. Not coincidentally, it is voted one of the top destinations for holidays: excellent beaches, award-winning restaurants, endless fabulous parties, expensive yachts, dream villas, beautiful people, and five-star beach service. Mykonos will amaze you. But above all, it will set you free. Under the unique light, it shares with its neighbor Delos, a special journey begins. Here you will be transformed, you will let go. And once you catch the island’s pulse, you will feel incurably in love with life.

As a cosmopolitan and having traveled to many places on our planet, I can recognize the specialized services provided by the island as a “luxury”. Luxury seems to be multifaceted and Mykonos has become one of the most luxurious islands in the world.

Does luxury always require big expenses? Personally, I believe that it is closely related to our personal characteristics, experiences, and needs. Luxury is emotional and is deeply rooted inside our soul that wants to satisfy every desire. To experience luxury, you must first go deep into your soul and ask yourself what do you consider luxury?

It is the emotion that satisfies and engages all our senses: sight, touch, smell, sound, and taste. If you enter a beautiful villa or yacht and it meets your requirements, but there is an uncomfortable feeling, then it fails to satisfy one of your senses. That is why the satisfaction of all the senses is the key to the ultimate luxury experience.

It is the view of the sun that is lost in the endless blue of the sea, from the sofa. It is the touch of golden sand or golden pebbles while you are lying on the beach and the sound of crystal clear blue waters captivates you. It is the smell and taste of a delicious Mediterranean meal made from fresh produce. Luxury in Mykonos goes far beyond money.

Is it the choice to swim on a popular, busy beach look at beautiful yachts, drink champagne and swim to the rhythms of a popular DJ, or to dive on a quiet beach where the only sounds are the seagulls enjoying the sunshine and the clear blue waters with you. It is the choice of where you will eat your meals. You can go to a local tavern by the sea, where Kyra Sia will appear with her apron to rub your back and ask you if you liked her traditional Greek food.

Or, would you prefer a Michelin-starred restaurant, where you can enjoy your food and drinks while the services are mirrored by exceptional professionalism? Last but not least, the chef of the house you have rented prepares everything, from your utensils to your sauce.

Who can imagine that Mykonos was once a small humble island, without even electricity, where everyone came so they could go to famous Delos?

The big turning point came in the 1950s. Onassis and Callas, Jackie O, Marlon Brando, Grace Kelly, Soraya, Liz Taylor, Nureyev, Pierre Cardin, Stavros Niarchos… Mythical names of the international jet set have been associated with Mykonos, which has been recognized as a favorite holiday destination in Greece by the rich, the worldly, and the artists since 1960.

The list of celebrities who visit it is constantly growing: Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Shakira, Lady Gaga, Steven Spielberg, Monica Bellucci, Liam Neeson, Hugh Jackman, Michael Douglas, Kathryn-Zeta-Jones, Clive Owen, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Giorgio Armani, Russell Crowe, and many others.

Jackie Onassis introduced Mykonos to her American gay friends in the 1970s. The people of Mykonos were hospitable since they had attracted all the famous stars of the planet. They realized early on that they had to be open to diversity and they welcomed the gay community of the whole planet from their heart and Mykonos became the most gay-friendly destination in Greece and one of the most popular in the world. Year after year you will find more and more hotels, bars, beach restaurants, and clubs exclusively for the gay public.

Jackie Onassis, Mykonos 1961

Mykonos is so bright and all-white and it is surrounded by a blue color around it. A unique painting in itself. The architecture of Mykonos Town is unique and its neighborhoods with the captains’ houses, the old churches, the wells, the narrow whitewashed alleys, and the flower pots are buzzing all day long with the people who walk around and admire them. In Gialos, you will meet the famous pelicans of Mykonos and you will see Agios Nikolaos of Kadena, the City Hall building of 1780, and the old school of Mavros. Through Barkia you will reach the famous 17th-century Paraportiani, a cluster of five churches and a rare work of art.
In the much-photographed Little Venice, the houses built in the 18th century have foundations on the sea. It is rumored that from the doors on the water the pirates would bring their loot inside. Today they host tasteful bars and restaurants and from their balconies the glow of the Aegean is dazzling. The other trademark of Mykonos, the Kato Mili, would grind grain with the power of the northern winds until the beginning of the 20th century. Today, they gaze at the sea evocatively illuminated at night.

Holidays in Mykonos mean fun
From Little Venice to Super Paradise, from Matogiannia to Psarou, Ornos, and Paradise, the parties do not stop all summer. Shots on the beach, cocktails on the terraces overlooking the illuminated Mills, champagne, dancing, and flirting until dawn. All emotions are equations like the Matrix!

Shopping in Mykonos Town has been an institution for decades. The new collections of the famous Greek designers and all the famous designers of the world are presented in shop windows, as well as the collections from jewelry designers. Sitting in Matogiannia, you observe the colorful crowd of people coming and going in front of the lit shop windows. Beauty and luster are everywhere every night. An aura that leaves in your mind a unique imprint.

Green and turquoise waters, thick sand, and golden pebbles. Opening your eyes in the water, you see all the shades of blue from azure to deep blue. Agios Sostis, Kalafatis, Lia, Ornos, Paraga, Paradise, Super Paradise, Ftelia, Psarou. The beaches of Mykonos are innumerable and all wonderful without exaggeration. They are all accessible by any means you choose.

It is no coincidence that every year all of us who love life visit it and relinquish ourselves to its energy.

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