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His Majesty Evagelos Chassiotis, Chef Patissier

His Majesty Evagelos Chassiotis, Chef Patissier

«If I close my eyes, I feel that this is exactly who I am. A king who wants to offer sweet moments to his kingdom». It is Chef Patissier Evangelos Hasiotis who led the idea that pastry creations should be adapted to the season and fashion. Just as silk in a dress moves airily, he sees the movement of flowing chocolate, and the color palette becomes his sweet inspiration.

Evangelos, you already opened a beloved pastry shop in Kolonaki. What can we expect from you next?

The truth is that the dream has become a reality. I think I have returned and reintroduced myself. This is a new beginning. What I will reveal to you is that we will do things outside the borders of Greece.

In Monaco?

You said it (smiles).

How do you break away from the norms to put your own imprint on pastry?

For the past five years, I have been inspired by the fashion industry and by specific designers who create canvases, fabrics, and moving colors like flowing chocolate… I combine the fashion industry with images, the palette of pastry ingredients, the palette of flavors, and shades of chocolates.

So there are also trends in desserts?

Of course. I am a person who gets inspired, creates, and has already created three chocolate campaigns that were inspired by fashion.

Do women really love sweets after all?

I dare say with great gratitude to the female gender and not only, because many men also enjoy my sweets, that yes! I am very happy and I enjoy it when they take a break from their silhouette and enjoy one of my chocolates or a “red velvet” cake.

How do you approach modifying desserts when there are dietary restrictions?

With great seriousness on my part towards the person who has a dietary restriction. I have created a campaign for gluten-free desserts. I have created desserts for people who want to be more healthy and also more careful about their silhouettes and just have a “sweet” break.

What is your signature dish?

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My signature dish is my “red velvet” cake with plant-based cream, strawberry puree instead of sugar, fructose from the strawberry puree, and beetroot puree. It’s a cloud of flavors that has become characteristic of my style.

If you could make a projection into the future, how would you like to be remembered?

I consider myself a blessed person. When I wake in the morning and I come to my shop, I have this feeling of greeting the world. To see in their eyes that I serve sweet moments. Because it’s not the product, it’s the moments we offer. It’s the journey of taste we provide. This unites us and I am very happy because I already receive this feeling. I thank God and I will ask Him to continue to allow me to be remembered as a person who serves sweet moments. That is what I consider a blessing. That’s what is important. The tastes come and go. But who is it that can dispute this feeling?

Do you have any plans to write a book with your recipes at some point?

It’s a fact. It’s the first time that I am saying this publicly, that my first diary, the first coffee table book that has to do with women and chocolate, is already ready. I am lucky and blessed because I have photographed nine great Greek women and one man. My first book will be presented at the War Museum and part of the proceeds will be donated to the Lifeline philanthropic organization. It is the least I can do for the people and the women who came into my life, trusted me, and inspired me to serve sweet moments for many years to come.

His Majesty Evangelos Chasiotis. Do you identify with this and how?

If I close my eyes, I feel that this is exactly what I am. A king who wants to offer sweet moments to his kingdom.

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