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Annita Tikis – In the footsteps of the famous John Tikis

Annita Tikis – In the footsteps of the famous John Tikis

Annita Tiki is a kind and charismatic piano teacher. With higher studies in piano and music theory, she started her career as a soloist and in recent years has been teaching piano to children and adults in southern suburbs of Athens, giving all her love and passion for children’s music culture. The daughter of the famous songwriter and singer John Tiki, she continues the family artistic heritage while she is also taking her first steps as a writer of children’s books.

When did you decide that you want to pursue a career in music?
Our house was full of melodies. I don’t remember a day without music and songs. It was a one-way street for me to get involved with music and transfer my knowledge.

Is music an educational tool?
Clearly! Research has shown that children with a musical education perform better in the learning process, in the development of intelligence and in social skills. Besides, let’s not forget that in Ancient Greece it was one of the basic subjects along with language and mathematics.

What is the right age for a child to start learning a musical instrument?Whenever the child himself shows some interest and asks for it. The earlier he starts, the better because it will give him joy and develop his imagination and creativity. On the piano many children from the age of five do just fine!

You are a mother of three children, do you teach them piano?
It is a wonderful feeling to teach your children what you love so much. It is definitely harder for them to see you as their teacher while you are their mother. In the beginning I remember in every lesson they cried when I made some correction or remark to them. They took it very personally. But it was a challenge for us to find our balances and to teach them well.

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Have you ever considered following in your father’s footsteps in singing?
All I have to do is play Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” on the piano and my father perform it uniquely!

How did writing come about in your life?
I started writing children’s books because every night before my children went to bed I told them a story that I was taking out of my mind at that time. They were so happy that it was their idea to write them down. The novels have now emerged from a variety of personal and friend stories that I thought would be of great interest to the reading public. So now, I went to the next step and made the decision to publish them but the corona virus has pushed everything back!

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