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carpo is a journey

carpo is a journey

carpo is an idea, a philosophy that lies in simplicity constantly providing quality and respect towards people, nature and culture

At the end of 2023, carpo, the well-known brand with international recognition and the unique concept, Nuts – Chocolate – Coffee, achieved a significant milestone. Its first store in the heart of London moved to one of the most iconic buildings of the Crown Estate, located at 10 Glasshouse Street. Just a few meters from Piccadilly Square, the store celebrated its 10 years of presence in the capital of the United Kingdom.

The new store features two floors and offers comfortable seating both indoors and outdoors, where visitors can enjoy new carpo selections based on authentic Greek yogurt, nutritious smoothies, and exquisite ice creams.

The success story of the Greek premium brand continues, evoking memories and promoting the philosophy of “Live well.” The company showcases its foresight by adeptly addressing challenges and achieving global brand expansion.

carpo has established itself as a successful company based on principles of consistency in quality, respect for people, and humbleness in service. Every step of carpo reflects its commitment to these values, leading it to business growth to this day.

«In 1991, my siblings and I decided to highlight the nuts from a warehouse in Kypseli that we inherited from our father few years ago, my siblings and I realized that we had a treasure in our hands! Such a simple product of nature, which until then had not found its deserved place in the market or in the everyday life of Greeks!»

The growth came gradually, and during the crisis period, carpo seized the opportunity, successfully opening its first store in Kolonaki in 2011, on Kanari Street, then deserted due to closed stores. «We awakened the memories of Athenians with the flavors and aromas of the past!» The expansion continued with the opening of a store in the heart of London, choosing the British capital as the starting point for its international presence. «We chose London because people from all over the world would have the opportunity to taste the best nuts and dried fruits, high-quality handmade chocolates, and coffee with a unique flavor. And so, it happened!»

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Entry into the Middle East market in 2022, with a new store in Dubai Mall, strengthened carpo’s global presence. The largest store until then was inaugurated in Fashion Avenue at Dubai Mall, next to the most recognized global brands such as Chanel, Dior, Hermes, and Burberry.

The distinctive positioning of the store confirms the uniqueness of carpo, considering that many of its global competitors are in the food hall on the -1 level of the shopping center. The lighting of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper on the planet, with the Greek flag in honor of the owner, Konstantinos Kontopoulos, during the first days of the store’s operation, remarkably sealed the entry of the brand into the United Arab Emirates. Demonstrating foresight and growth dynamics, in the fall of 2023, carpo expanded its first store in Kolonaki, and shortly afterward, it capped the year with the opening of the new flagship store on 10 Glasshouse Street in London.

With six stores in Athens, four in London, and one in Dubai, carpo continues its successful journey with strategy and attention, keeping alive the principles that have guided it from day one. «We have a successful brand that has proven it can endure over time. Because time adds value, and it doesn’t take it away! And every member of our team contributes in their own way to our common goal!»

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