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Others start their careers in Greece to find themselves abroad. Theo Alexander did the opposite. He became famous with the super hit True Blood in America, CSI: NY, and Pushing Daisies, played the Greek mobster in the series Chuck and then decided to return back to Greece. He was born in Athens as Thodoris Zoumboulidis. He studied business administration at Boston University and theater at Circle in the Square Theater School in New York, the only approved Broadway-affiliated theater school. Although he was awarded in 2010 as one of the most beautiful Greeks, he did not hesitate to transform himself by gaining many kilos, becoming unrecognizable to participate in the series “42°C”. Then, after he gained those 57 kilos, he lost them. His whole life is based on discipline and indiscipline of Mani. The only thing for sure is that behind his bright eyes hides a lot of work, incredible constant effort, surreal humor, and a man with a sense of honor who supports the classic values ​​of life. At the end of the day, Theo is his actions.

How did you decide to return to Greece after years of success in Hollywood?

It was never my goal to stay in America forever no matter how successful I was. My goal was to learn as much as I could from the best teachers, actors, producers, and the unparalleled professionalism of the Hollywood industry and to return to create in my homeland. I firmly believe that an artist has a duty to create for his country because that is what gave him the talent and the artistic DNA. Many artists claim to be citizens of the world and I respect that very much. But, even in America, I was and will be a seller of my homeland. That is, where I bury my ancestors and where I will bury myself.

What’s the most important thing you have taken away from LA?

The more talented the great artist is, the more authentic and more humble he is.

The series “42°C” was just aired during which you have gained a lot of weight. Why did you do that; What we all want to know is how did you lose it?

With the same strategy that you achieve any goal. Hard work intermediate goals and Spartan discipline. My greatest motivation is when people tell me «you can’t do it». A strict diet, 4 to 5 days a week in the gym, and a change in my mindset that food is not a pleasure anymore but the tool to help me achieve my goal which was to lose 57 kilos, which I did in a period of 9 months.

During this time you are also working on a Russian production. Talk to us about it.

I have the honor of co-starring in the mini-series “The Son,” the largest Russian television production, starring the acclaimed and award-winning director Nikolai Khomeriki and written by the two-time Oscar-nominated screenwriter of “Mongol” and “Captive of the Caucasus”.

What is the difference when working with Americans and Russians?

The difference is that the Russians have a different perspective on how they create. Even when they make TV, they approach it as if they are creating art. They are all very educated and they are engaged in acting 365 days a year 16 hours a day. This is something I admire because it’s something I do too. They are educated, obsessed with their art and ready to create whenever asked. As every artist should be.

You just completed a production about Mani!

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I just finished producing a short film for the presentation of the GOAL team of League of Legends, of which I am co-owner and general manager. The film is completely different from any other roster presentation for a team of the league of legends because it is shot like an epic era film and not based on technology and gamer mentality. The film will be on YouTube on January 25 for anyone who wants to see it under the name goal roaster presentation 2022.

Also, your first short film is ready to start traveling to festivals. Would you like to tell us something about that?

I had the honor to work with Faliro House and Christos Konstantakopoulos as a Producer and finish my first short film called “O Gdikiomos”. The film is based on a dirge and is a true story. The protagonist is the amazing Kora Karvouni.

After all, who is the real Theo Alexander?

The answer lies in my work.

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