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Theopisti Kristallidou – President of «WinCancer» and Candidate for the European Parliament with New Democracy

Theopisti Kristallidou – President of «WinCancer» and Candidate for the European Parliament with New Democracy

Born and raised in Ptolemaida, as part of a large family of Eastern Thrace refugees. A politically inclined figure who rose through the ranks of New Democracy from her school days. A graduate of International and European Studies, with a postgraduate degree in Health Services Management, she’s a founding member of the Social Clinic and Pharmacy of Ptolemaida. Elected to the New Democracy Political Committee in 2018, she currently serves as Secretary of the party’s Secretariat for Quality of Life and Volunteering. Additionally, she heads “WinCancer,” a nonprofit dedicated to raising cancer awareness and assisting patients and caregivers.

Volunteerism is a long-standing tradition throughout Europe. Do Greeks have a volunteer mindset, and to what extent?
As someone who believes that denying the presence of volunteer consciousness in Greeks would invalidate what we have accomplished over the years through associations, people, social groups, citizen initiatives, and so on, I am convinced that Greeks do indeed have a volunteer consciousness. Yes, Greeks have a greater sense of contribution, solidarity, support for the vulnerable, and support for their fellow human beings who are experiencing a problem. I am pleased with the enormous network of volunteers we have established around the country. There are unsung heroes in everyday life, and I feel I can support their concerns, hardships, and efforts through EU channels, provided citizens trust me.

You are the president of “WinCancer.” What are the needs of our country’s cancer patients in terms of improving their lives? What further can be done?
The truth is that much has been done in our country over the last five years to combat cancer, which has been a priority for Kyriakos Mitsotakis. However, we still have a lot to do. A top aim is to develop a complete care system in which all patients have access to the best possible diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and reintegration into society.

Has there been a particularly meaningful moment for you throughout the years that you’d like to share with us?
There have been numerous instances that affected me, that gave me strength, and that restored my faith in humanity. Every tale about someone fighting illness or standing by a sick person is a daily life lesson for me. The need for individuals to help wherever it is required is also touching, and I keep that as a talisman.

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As a European Parliament candidate, what promises will you make to your supporters? Why should they select you?
I do not want to make promises; instead, I want to act. I want to study, listen, and be a partner in issues that leaders or ordinary people like us must address, and I want to do my best to bring solutions. Small, big, transitory, or a little help, but never declare to ourselves that we accomplished nothing. My perspective is that we should see politics as a “cause for good,” and that is how I aim to continue the path that began with my vote in the New Democracy ballot for the European Elections. I simply ask my fellow countrymen to vote for people who look like them, who fight and refuse to give up in the face of adversity.

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