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When love prevails – 6 royals around the world gave up their titles for love

When love prevails – 6 royals around the world gave up their titles for love

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“Love conquers everything” may sounds extreme in real life. Who would believe that love can bring two people together hand in hand to create a life-like challenges to 6 royals worldwide, such as Prince Harry or Prince Friso who gave up the throne and dignity, including a rich life without any fear to mate with their loved ones.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

The royal couple that shocked the British royal family Prince Harry and Meghan Markle  reduced the role of the dynasty and moved to live in Canada. They both argued that they wanted to reduce the role of the noble members of the royal family in their life, they claimed their financial independence and renounced the title HRH. They are also forbidden from using the Sussex Royal in any way.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II 

Although Prince Philip is already a member of the British royal family, many people may not know that Prince Philip had already given up the title of Prince of Greece and Denmark. Before marrying Queen Elizabeth II and adopting her mother’s maiden name Mount Batten. After that Prince Philip was appointed Baron of Greenwich and Duke of Edinburgh.

King Edward VIII

 Former King of the United Kingdom who gave up the throne for love … Edward, is another member of the royal family that made the throne tremble in less than a year after his reign King Edward VIII moved from London to marry Wallis Simpson, with a statement saying, “ I found it impossible to bear a tremendous responsibility, αnd unable to perform duties as king without the help and support from the woman I love.”

Princess Mako

Princess Mako of Japan is one of the members of the royal family who gave up the royal family for love. Back in 2017, Princess Mako announced her marriage to Kei Komuro. According to Japanese royal law, the female royal family members cannot ascend to the throne. Marring Kei Komuro, Princess Mako will no longer hold the title of Princess and will immediately become commoners.

Princess Sayako 

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Several years before Princess Mako gave up the royal family to enter the marriage ceremony in 2005, a member of the Japanese royal family had previously waived the royal title. Princess Sayako The only daughter of Emperor Akihito. Sacrificed His Highness and to marry Yoshiki Kuroda 

Prince Friso of Orange – Nassau 

In 2004, Prince Friso, heir to the Dutch royal family, announced a marriage with Mabel Viz Sesmit without the approval of Congress. He later gave up his title from being the second heir to the throne, to live with his wife and two children: Countess Luana of Orange – Nassau and Countess. Ria, with support from Dutch Royal Family members Queen Beatrix, mother of the late King Willem-Alexander.

Until 2013 Prince Friso died from a ski accident. The entire family of Prince Friso was only appointed princes and princesses.

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