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Master Plan for Humanity

Master Plan for Humanity

The New Decade entered steering us into drastic unforeseen changes. Already 2021 and we have experienced Liberalism and the Free Market along with Peace, Prosperity, and going to the shopping mall, transformed into a dream of the past. After a long struggle, today we live with the hope that the Covid Vaccine will deliver our past lives.  The yearning for a return to what we were accustomed to brings reflection in our daily lives and a fake desperate promise to ourselves that we will do better next time. The question is how likely is that to happen, and if we try, will the possibilities to do so still be there in the near future.

Covid -19 grounded all of us. It is the global threat that we really did not appreciate was likely to happen. In theory though, we should have known much better. We had all the signs: Information regarding disasters in human history and information on other diseases. We also had information on the degree to which we are all connected along with our current habits: Increasing human travel, globalization, economic perplexity, climate change, the deterioration of the “human”.

That is, we had enough Data to be able to calculate that sooner or later we would be cornered. The algorithm was there.

The Corona Virus brought us to a standstill to the basics: Food, Shelter and Humanity. Are we going to contemplate from that and start from this a new Foundation to be able to re plan accordingly for our next chance on this Earth? Are we finally going to define the elements needed for our happiness and cohabitation and plan them in our lives in a correct fashion? This drastic lifestyle change is steering us towards what is meaningful. Will we go there?

Possibly but not probably. Why? Because that requires radical change and that has not happened yet. Our DNA and genes have not changed much in the millions of years we are in existence. We humans have not yet been re-engineered. We are and will still be greedy, and selfish. We also stick to habits especially ones that give us quick gratification. The characterization and organization of our social development is really linked to our physical nature in relation to the necessities of our times. Not to our genetic goodness!

Thus, knowing this, the issue that we are all now faced with is an ethical challenge:  Do we act now that we have all the information we need to be able to actually change? Do we put the effort to apply our critical thinking abilities? 

In all of Mankind, where most stories are believed; where myths defined narratives, where kings sold wisdom and where Facebook satisfies our needs and Bots define our Reality.  Where In the name of God, Priests molest our children. In the name of Liberty, our children kill their parents. In the name of Justice, people are strangled by Police in front of cameras.  In the name of Civilization, you cannot be called a He or a She. In the name of Feminism, Motherhood is degraded. In the name of Economic Prosperity the Environment breaths only when there is a lockdown. In the name of Troika, Greece lives a 12 year recession. In the name of instant satisfaction, Fortnight Game pleases you better than sex.  In the name of Globalization, we digitize the Human. In the name of being CONNECTED, we distance males from females and the Couple is unable to collaborate to raise the next generation properly.  In the name of Progress and Evolution, Alexa thinks for me, Helix does for me, and Delorice is me. Where the mundane task of actually making ones’ bed is actually the earthly of many tasks that once harmonized with others will give you the heavenly existence aspired but right here on this Earth.  And we fool ourselves by thinking that it will be achieved by ordering avocado toast through e-food in Cyberspace.

And we still do not have the correct formula. The needs are clear. Let us not dwell on analyzing and detailing these variables. Ex: water, sanitation, sleep, food, consumption,  etc…Those are just details turned into data if needed so,  in order to put them in a processing algorithm so we can have some sort of outcome. That is not the purpose of our discussion here.  The essence is how can we move forward?   Our global social system is currently leveraged on variables based on what is provided by our physical environment. The formula thus needs the basics: Food, Shelter and Humanity, in Relation to the Universe in this current physical space. Therefore, Humans need to realign their path, with Dignity and Value in relation to the Laws of Reality. Not in relation to ourselves.

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At this time in history, where all the Earthly variables are interconnected but not strategically planned, moving forward at this stage requires a Global Plan with Global Collaboration. What is required is a Master Plan for Humanity. Moving forward without it is recipe for chaos. Events are unfolding many times faster than in previous transformations. Human Rights, United Nations and Liberalism are now outdated. We are at a point where clearly defined aspirations that will be envisioned, are related to the existence we have with the Universe.  Not the existence we have with the Stock Market.

Master planning is NOT Globalizing. Master Planning is NOT controlling centrally.  It is valuing communities and humans as passersby on Earth.  It is taking into consideration all of our history, and all the elements that are really required for a sustainable, feasible cohabitation on Earth through a long-range Plan that balances and harmonizes all data involved.  It requires a common Global language and this virus has brought just that.  Let us move forward this time in the right direction.

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