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Adopting 8 Keys to Improving the Relationship with Myself and Others, for a Better SUMMER and more….!

Adopting 8 Keys to Improving the Relationship with Myself and Others, for a Better SUMMER and more….!

This summer, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, the lockdowns and the “changes” we experienced in our daily lives, we must turn to keys necessary to build our self-confidence, our faith and adopt optimism and positive thinking to have a balanced and creative life.

 We must realize that self-confidence does not “appear” in our life by itself, but is gradually built with the 4 S:

Self-knowledge: to know ourselves, our needs and wants

Self-care: to take care of ourselves and to choose psychosomatic ways of care that suit us

Self-esteem: to respect our needs and limits

Self-confidence: to have faith in ourselves and in our abilities

Many times, especially in difficult times, people behave with tension, anger, panic attacks, nerves, explode at the slightest thing and become supple and / or “distant”. Clearly, every person is unique, in the way he/she perceives and interprets the facts differently, and it would be wrong to draw the same conclusion for everyone. Of course, there are some characteristics that are common to human psychosynthesis.

So to help ourselves and others we must be in the mood to understand the elements of human psychosynthesis!

We should understand that everything starts from acceptance, love, faith and the “work” that we have to do on our own or with stimulation, guidance and counseling with a specialized and responsible psychologist/counselor.

In this process the most important element is the love and respect, firstly to ourselves and then of course to others! Let us not forget that we are mirrors: how we feel and treat ourselves is reflected in our feelings and behavior to others. The most important key is to love and respect ourselves!

But what does this mean?

To believe in ourselves, in our self-value and uniqueness: We are wonderful, unique and special creatures just as we are!
This does not mean that we do not need to improve certain areas of our behavior. If we believe it, we can do it! This fact should not make us value and love ourselves less. Love and Appreciation must be given because they are the springboard for a more balanced and satisfying life!

Believe that we are “good enough” just as we are: “We are good enough exactly as we are!” as Professor Dr. Brene Brown, author of best-selling books: “Dare to Lead”, “Rising Strong” states. “Daring Greatly ”,“ The Gifts of imperfection ”and Inspirational Speaker with speeches at TEDx with over 54 million views.

Respect our goals and priorities, desires and needs, without “useless regrets”.

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To love ourselves means to treat ourselves with tenderness, honesty and recognition, even when we are not always “perfect”. Do not judge harshly, forgive and be patient. To cultivate inner dialogue and self-acceptance. To give ourselves what we needs every moment!

To be in the mood for “work” with ourselves for this discovery, acceptance, self-improvement and building of self-confidence!

To love ourselves means to respect and put ourselves in priority, making clear that we are valuable and important! In order to be able to offer in a healthy way to others we must appreciate ourselves and not neglect our needs. This can be done when we dedicate quality time to ourselves, doing whatever we like, whatever relaxes us, entertains us and fills our mental and physical “batteries”. Also, don’t forget to take care of the physical and mental jealth, with proper nutritional habits, exercise and rest!

To love yourself means to associate with positive people and to avoid toxic minds and what is not good for us. It is legitimate to respect and love others by acknowledging and accepting their uniqueness and adopting the “I message” and the “Active Listening”: listening to the other in essence!

Ultimately, loving ourselves means believing in ourselves and moving forward no matter what happens. We have been created according to the divine plan with love. There is divine providence. Let us believe in this, especially when the conditions are more difficult, and we are going through life’s reefs! When we do this, we can strengthen ourselves and transmit positive energy, balance and love to what we create and surround ourselves with.

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