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«Tale of Two Cities» Athens-Alexandria at the Acropolis Museum 25 June – 16 July – An Exhibition Celebrating Egyptian-Greek Cultural Synergies

«Tale of Two Cities» Athens-Alexandria at the Acropolis Museum 25 June – 16 July – An Exhibition Celebrating Egyptian-Greek Cultural Synergies

Tale of Two Cities is an exhibition that is a symbolic bridge connecting the profound historical and cultural relationship between the two countries once more as two pillars of civilization that have borne witness to a timeless dialogue and withstood the test of time.

In a remarkable collaboration that transcends time and borders, CulturVator / Art D’Egypte is delighted to announce their upcoming art exhibition titled “Tale of Two Cities” hosted by the Acropolis Museum in Athens from the 25th  June till the 16th July  2024, in collaboration with the Cavafy Archives, the Benaki Museum, and the Onassis Library and later in Alexandria from the 17th till the 31st of October 2024 in partnership with the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

This extraordinary exhibition under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and Tourism Authority is set to commemorate the Greece-Egypt union, that will occur in Athens this coming June, rekindling the profound historical and cultural ties that have interlinked the two nations throughout centuries.

The exhibition aims to create a visual dialogue that explores the rich tapestry of shared heritage, delving into the depths of classical antiquity that both Greece and Egypt embody. Against the backdrop of a global initiative to strengthen cultural bonds, “Tale of Two Cities” will serve as a beacon of unity and interconnectedness between these Ancient civilizations.

Both Egyptian and Greek artists participating in this exhibition represent the significance of these two countries and specifically the cities of Alexandria and Athens. Showcasing artworks that respond to the artistic convergence that has evolved throughout history, to the present day. Highlighting the deep-rooted historical bonds, while celebrating the distinct identities of both nations. The exhibition aims to showcase Greek and Egyptian artists in direct dialogue just as their civilizations have years before them; highlighting their profound cultural synergies. Taking place in museums, libraries, and galleries, each exhibition will tell the tale of this cultural exchange and shed light on Greek-Egyptian relations.

To date, Art D’Égypte founder Nadine Abdel Ghaffar has curated five highly successful exhibitions showcasing the works of over 50 Egyptian artists: Eternal Light at the Egyptian Museum (2017); Nothing Vanishes, Everything Transforms at the Manial Palace (2018); and Reimagined Narratives at four sites on Al-Mu’iz Street in Historic Cairo, a UNESCO World Heritage site (2019), as well as three international editions of Forever Is Now at the Pyramids of Giza plateau (2021, 2022, 2023).

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Culturvator was born out of a need to extend the reach of Art D’Égypte and bring all these initiatives together under one umbrella. It is a multi-disciplinary cultural platform that works with private and public entities to activate spaces for cultural promotion across all creative disciplines, spanning everything from visual arts and film to heritage, design, and music. The core of the Culturvator model is to foster and promote new collaborations across the global creative industry with the aim of creating new connections and cultural experiences for a global audience.

About Nadine A. Ghaffar 
Nadine Abdelghaffar is a French-Egyptian founder and multi-disciplinary professional. Born & raised in Alexandria, Her interest and dedication to art, culture, and design have allowed her to work on a plethora of projects as a cultural producer and advocate of art democratization and cultural preservation through sustainable development. As a result of her experience and commitment to the promotion of Egyptian art and heritage, she established the art consultancy and cultural operator Art D’Égypte in 2017, which aims to promote Egyptian art and heritage nationally, regionally, and internationally. Today she also promotes fashion designers and accessories designers, as they too are artists of fashion. They curate yearly exhibitions that link our rich past to our creative present. Abdel Ghaffar is also a brand ambassador, supporting both global brands like DIOR and local jewelry and fashion brands.

Thanks to Abdel Ghaffar’s efforts, Culturvator/Art D’Égypte received the UNESCO patronage in 2019, as their mission aligns with the convention of the “protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expression”. In 2019, Art D’Egypte was invited to the Abu Dhabi Art Fair and ArtGenève in 2020. She was also knighted the title Chevalier de L’ordre des Arts des Lettres in 2021 by the French government.

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