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Franman at forefront of maritime industry innovation with slate of new strategic partnership agreements ahead of Posidonia 2024

Franman at forefront of maritime industry innovation with slate of new strategic partnership agreements ahead of Posidonia 2024

Franman, a provider of a diversified range of equipment, parts, products, and services to the maritime industry, has announced a series of strategic partnerships aimed at significantly upgrading its offering to clients worldwide. These collaborations underscore Franman’s steadfast commitment and dedication to delivering cutting-edge decarbonisation and digitalisation solutions to its clientele, spanning the Greek shipping cluster and key maritime markets across Europe and Asia.

Franman’s recent partnerships with Caely Renewables, a provider of innovative green energy solutions, and SMDERI, China’s only state research institute on marine diesel engines, mark a significant leap forward in sustainability and regulatory compliance. Leveraging the EU Emissions Trading System and state-of-the-art carbon capture technologies, these alliances empower Franman’s clients to access advanced renewable energy solutions and navigate complex regulatory landscapes with ease.

In line with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, Franman has forged strategic alliances with industry leaders such as Silverstream Technologies, ClimeON, GT Green Technologies, and DMA Marine. These partnerships offer Franman’s clients access to innovative decarbonization technologies, enhancing operational efficiency while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. By integrating air lubrication, waste heat recovery, and advanced engineering solutions into its portfolio, Franman empowers its clients to achieve sustainability goals while optimizing performance and lowering operational costs.

Franman is also well known as an agent of high-quality marine data analysis and digitalisation products with Danelec and Green Instruments being two of its portfolio principals in this space. Danelec is at the forefront of maritime technology with its advanced Voyage Data Recorders (VDR), Shaft Power Meters (Kyma), and comprehensive Ship Performance Monitoring systems. Its maritime IoT infrastructure, Danele Connect, provides a dependable and economical platform that supports both in-house and expert partner digital solutions, enabling significant advances in the digitalisation of maritime data. Green Instruments specialises in developing and manufacturing cutting-edge instruments for gas and water analysis, along with monitoring systems for emission control, hazard detection, and energy optimisation. Its solutions help visualize and reduce environmental impacts, thereby promoting sustainability in maritime practices and beyond. Both companies’ technologies provide vital data and solutions that enhance maritime safety, operational efficiency, environmental compliance and sustainability, cost reduction, and Performance enhancement.

As a key supplier of provisions, including deck and engine stores, safety equipment, marine chemical products, marine paints, and lubricants, Franman has recently signed agreements with some of the world’s leading makers of advanced coating solutions and chemical products that enhance the efficiency and sustainability of maritime operations. More specifically, Franman’s Supplies Department ensures global accessibility to essential ship supplies, facilitated by partnerships with industry stalwarts Cosco Kansai Paints and Marine Care Chemicals. Through the provision of environmentally friendly coatings and innovative chemical solutions, Franman enhances the efficiency and sustainability of maritime operations worldwide. These advanced products not only safeguard vessels against harsh conditions but also promote environmental compliance and operational excellence.

In the realm of liquefied natural gas (LNG), Franman collaborates with Kobelco, PK Valve, MtH, and CRS to deliver state-of-the-art LNG technologies and services. From compressor technology to valve manufacturing and LNG cargo containment system maintenance, these partnerships ensure safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance in LNG operations. By harnessing advanced technologies and expert services, Franman enables its clients to navigate the complexities of LNG transportation and storage with confidence and reliability.

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Costis Frangoulis, Founder and CEO of Franman, said: “During the last 33 years Franman has equipped 5,000 new buildings connecting 700 shipping companies with 190 suppliers of equipment and services. As we prepare to showcase our expansive portfolio at the upcoming Posidonia Shipping Exhibition 2024, these latest strategic partnerships reaffirm our continuous commitment to excellence, sustainability, and innovation in the maritime industry. By harnessing the collective expertise of our partners, Franman continues to lead the charge toward a more sustainable and prosperous future for maritime stakeholders worldwide.

“Posidonia holds immense significance as a premier forum for the maritime industry to converge, exchange ideas, and showcase solutions to the challenges lying ahead. The event serves as a pivotal platform for Franman to demonstrate our latest innovations and strategic partnerships, further solidifying our position as a trailblazer in the maritime sector. We look forward to leveraging Posidonia’s global stage to connect with industry leaders, forge new collaborations, and drive sustainable solutions that propel the maritime industry into the future,” added Frangoulis.

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