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Bradley Mitton – Founder of Club Vivanova

Bradley Mitton – Founder of Club Vivanova

Viva Monte Carlo!

Monaco resident Bradley Mitton is a cosmopolitan, highly esteemed, and aspirational businessman, renowned wine expert, and founder of Club Vivanova in Monaco. With almost 60 annual gastronomic events, the club offers “luxury entertainment” through gourmet dinners, and networking of beautiful people, with charitable causes. Lavish pleasures are experienced at an annual Gala this November 2023, featuring charity auctions, fashion showcases, gourmet cuisine, and exquisite wines. Here is where the heart of the Principality beats. Bradley Mitton had a fascinating talk with Volta magazine.

Bradley, you organize many events every year. What is your favorite thing to do? Something you will never get tired of.
Well, I never get tired of creating these events, I’m driven to make them better and better as the company develops. My inspiration comes from watching an event develop from its creation and infancy, through to the execution and management of that event and it is inspirational to see how people enjoy themselves and develop their networks, it’s a great win-win equation. I have developed my career from the restaurant industry, where we serve people – and I have been working in this field for over 35 years it’s just what I like to do, to offer people impeccable hospitality and to make a business from that means that I can do what I love, and I can live and grow from that. It is of course hard work but it is extremely satisfying.

Please, tell me how you came up with the unique concept of Vivanova Club. How did it all start?
Twenty-two years ago, in East Berlin, I initiated a club in an old wine cellar I rented for my start-up wine import and export business. Expanding the business across Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Southern Europe, I activated our wine brands in hotels and restaurants where they were listed through running gourmet events. Recognizing that wine sales required more than mere listings, I designed promotions and events around the wines. I hosted private clients in restaurants to create strong relationships and organized events at our wine-listed locations. Initially, it was tough, there were hurdles, but I persisted, evolving from an average supplier to a vital brand-developing partner to our clients while developing wine sales. The journey wasn’t easy, yet we flourished and garnered interest from restaurants seeking events and corporations seeking brand promotion. Gradually, we established a reputable business networking platform that now covers the EU and the UK.

How many members do you have by now?
We have over 400 members and international partners, some in the UK, mostly in Central Europe, and from that, mostly in Monaco. They range from individuals who want to attend socially to some of the biggest and strongest brands in the region, in all sectors. We list them on our online partner pages and run social media campaigns and digital magazine articles, so we help these people and companies develop and network. And then they attend the events, where they do their business.

How much is the cost of membership?
It’s very good value. Individual is €150, Corporate is €450 and Platinum is €950 and each offers different levels of benefits. If you are active with the club and the marketing opportunities we offer, then we are an incredible platform to use to develop and activate brands.

Tell me about the thrilling Annual Gala in November.
In its 9th edition in 2023, the gala brings together a global audience of beautifully adorned people for a sophisticated black-tie gala on November 18th. Set at the exquisite Fairmont Monte Carlo, attendees enjoy networking, fine dining, and a charity auction in support of Borneo Wildlife Preservation and Ecoute Cancer Réconfort. The evening features a fashion show by Pauline Ducruet’s brand ALTER and a performance by London’s “High On Heels.” The event promises an elegant party with a purpose, celebrating while contributing to important causes. Learn more at

You are an extremely social person. What do you love to do in your free time? Do you have hobbies?
I live in Monaco, it’s a busy place and it’s where we base our business but yes…I do relax and have hobbies. It’s important. I enjoy skiing in the winter, locally in the Italian mountain resorts of Piemonte. I enjoy gardening, it’s extremely inspiring and satisfying and I enjoy that in our villa in Italy, where I can escape. I have an amazing dog and two beautiful cats and I love cooking, so home is where I really relax, away from the maddening crowd. It is very important to have that work–life balance and I work hard on brain and body health, by eating well, exercising regularly -running and cycling daily- and getting plenty of sleep. They are my hobbies, taking care of my health, body, and mind.

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Greek ship owners have strong connections to Monte Carlo. Aristoteles Onassis was the first to establish headquarters in Monaco. Do you have any Greek members or friends?
Yes indeed, we do have Greek members and partners and I have many Greek friends, they are culturally open-minded and family-oriented, warm, and friendly. In Monaco, we work closely with the Communauté Hellénique de Monaco. And in fact, I have a personal affinity with Greece as my first restaurant management job was in Hong Kong in 1994 when I opened Zorba’s Restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui, which was at that time, Hong Kong’s first-ever gourmet Greek restaurant. I ran that successfully for a year then opened a branch in the Philippines and all throughout my kitchen career, I developed Greek dishes like moussaka, souvlakia, and those wonderful dips like tzatziki, hummus, and melitzanosalata and the dessert baklava into menus that I created across South East Asia. I trained in Naxos and Paros for that, and so I have great memories and adore the culture of this wonderful country.

I know that your wine labels are exquisite. What is your opinion of Greek wines?
They are underrated globally, possibly due to a lack of export promotion, though I know from experience and my education, that the Greeks have been making wines since before the Romans and wine plays a big part socially and culturally in Greece as a partner to food and celebration. So, a glass of Retsina now and again, always goes down well, and then dance to Zorba the Greek, Antony Quinn style! Perhaps with an Ouzo or two!

Thank you very much!

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