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Summer in the city! “Despite the heat, everything will be all right…”

Summer in the city! “Despite the heat, everything will be all right…”

During the summer of 1966, a heat wave boiled New York City at the most brutal temperatures recorded since 1869. The conflict in Vietnam was also heating up.

Meanwhile, “Summer in the City,” a propulsive, apolitical rock song by the New York-based Lovin’ Spoonful, was climbing the charts to No. 1, reassuring listeners that “despite the heat, it’ll be all right.”

Why has this song stuck in my mind?

Why am I saying all these things? Perhaps because we give away our summer to tourism, and while that’s wonderful for the economy, it’s difficult for Greeks.

The tranquility and luxury of isolation are becoming increasingly rare in Greek summer destinations.

Being globally popular is narcissistically efficient, and it flatters us, and we do whatever we can to sustain it, improve it, and elevate it.

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And it happens. And Greece welcomes its visitors from one end to the other.

Thus, we will enjoy the Athenian Riviera with our turquoise beaches, taking vacations in the city. Escapes with a yacht will be our own summer rejuvenation… and everything will be fine!

Enjoy the summer and have a great vacation!

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