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Petros Doukas, Mayor of Sparta: “It is my duty and honor to serve one of the most historic cities in the world”

Petros Doukas, Mayor of Sparta: “It is my duty and honor to serve one of the most historic cities in the world”

Son of Air Force General, George Doukas from Sparta and grandson of surgeon – gynecologist Petros Doukas from Gorani and Marigoula Skarlatini from Kastori. Today’s Mayor of Sparta, Petros Doukas is the president of Capital Partners SA, former Member of Parliament, Deputy Minister of  Foreign Affairs and Deputy Minister of  Economy and Finance. After an impressive tenure in high political and administrative positions, holds the helm of the Municipality with a magnificent vision for his home land and an ambitious plan to implement, feeling responsibility for everything he promised. He aims to unite Spartans for the common good, without any impediments or party ankylosis. With a large number of writings about the Greek economy, the euro, ancient Greek thought, leadership qualities, and of course as a Lacedaemonian he authored the “Lacedaemonion Politeia: Sparta: The first democracy”.

What will you do in the first 100 days in the municipality?
Attract the right people in the right places, and find the optimal structure for the municipal administration. Then work on improving garbage collection, enhance security, beautify the City, get a city master plan and obviously showcase the glory and uniqueness of Sparta and Mystra in many ways

The entire country is talking about your decision to run as Mayor for the City of Sparta. What was your incentive?
Even though I had a lot of work in the private sector (my own company Capital Partners SA, at the ICC – International Chamber of Commerce of Greece which I preside as Chairman of the Board of Directors), I felt debt and honor to serve one of the most historic cities in the world! Sparta is the first city in the world to officially adopt a modern government that established Democracy as the central pillar of its operation, devised the institution of the Senate, the idea for the reign of two Kings and all the checks and balances so that power cannot be abused. Romans and Americans based their political systems on the ideas and the rules of Lycurgus.

What does this victory mean for you?
The citizens are looking for something different in the city’s administration and my responsibilities are enormous.

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What is administration model of the Municipality?
Participation and open arms to all who want to offer! I will propose Deputy Mayor positions, to the heads of other parties and hope they will not refuse! The victory of our party does not mean that we are better at everything. Others have useful knowledge and can offer a lot! We will open the administration of the Municipality to all the citizens who can helps us. All our proposals will be taken to the public for any improvements or alternative approaches.

Already many foreign influencers are turning their eyes to Sparta. How will you use it?
We have devised a very ambitious redevelopment program for the city:

  • A master plan for urban development in cooperation
  • with the National Technical University of Athens
  • Smart City and Green City
  • Highlight the historical greatness: Pelasgian, Mycenaean, Doric (central pillar), Roman, Christian, Byzantine, Frankish, Neohellenic etc, not only as part of our historical duty, but also to reinforce the brand name and multiply the number of tourists
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