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Sacred Monastery of Saint Nicholas, Ira, Athani

Sacred Monastery of Saint Nicholas, Ira, Athani

Over eleven historical monasteries are scattered over the island, encapsulating the grandeur of Orthodox Christianity, and its unique treasures. These monasteries are distinguished by their historical and mythological inspirations. We specifically highlighted the Monastery of Saint Nicholas, Ira in Athani.

The Holy Land!
An invaluable monument of our cultural heritage and a spiritual anchor for the faithful. Perched on the highest peak of the mountain, the view of the sea is unparalleled.

In Lefkada, the sunset of ancient Greek civilization blends with the dawn of the Greek Orthodox spirit. Apollo and Poseidon had their sanctuaries here in antiquity. It is said that in 1087 AD, the relics of Saint Nicholas passed through here from Myra in Lycia to Bari in Italy, and the faithful islanders built churches to honor Saint Nicholas to preserve the memory of his “passage” alive.

Just before the lighthouse, the road leads to the Monastery. Established in the early 17th century, in 1637, or even earlier. The present temple is more recent. The iconostasis (templum or temblo) dates to 1799 with works by the iconographer Andreas Betzos. The icon of Saint Nicholas, stolen in 1969 and rediscovered a decade later, is the work of the renowned iconographer Dimitrios Foskaris from 1699. The Holy Relic of Saint Nicholas is a precious pilgrimage site.

Today, the Abbess Antonia and the nun Gerasimi labor tirelessly to improve the Monastery’s grounds and estate. At the monastery’s shop, you can purchase olive oil, wine, honey, homemade liqueur, sweets, and a plethora of handcrafted items filled with love and blessings.

Sacred Monastery of Saint Nicholas, Ira
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