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Chromata Restaurant Divine taste with a glorious view of Mystras

Chromata Restaurant Divine taste with a glorious view of Mystras

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A hidden gem in the foothills of Mount Taygetus, “Chromata” Restaurant in Pikoulianika, honors the products of the land of Leonidas creating inspiring, delicious dishes, by supporting small local farmers and producers, taking farm-to-table to a whole new level, with creative cuisine. By fusing Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with old Byzantine recipes, a festive outcome transforms simple, fresh and wholesome ingredients to divinely delicious dishes, in a blossoming  and flowery veranda.

Nikos, the creative mastermind and owner of Chromata, draws his inspiration from the area, its rich history, as well as the abundance of fresh local products.

The result is a touch of magic: handmade fresh ravioli stuffed with smoked trout and wild greens in smoked cheese sauce.

People love this place because it pushes the culinary boundaries, leading BBC’s chef, Rick Stein to visit it when he found out about.

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Tip: Enjoy the 200m. leading to Chromata, from the main road, walking and do not prefer to drive… The experience will be truly rewarding!

Chromata Restaurant
Mystras – Sparti (Pikoulianika) 231 00
Τel.: 2731 0239

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